Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Scaffold

 when replacing a roof, you'll need the following:

ah! why is our cottage in a red cage?!

shiny new gutters :) 


meanwhile, inside....

the mudroom gets a cathedral like ceiling

entrance to the right, storage to the left

kitchen corner

base coat for the living room

getting that ceiling lined
window in the ensuite

First Coat Colors

October colors

Main bedroom, looks like a beach cottage

Uh, my bedroom is blue now. Ok

Bedroom 1, door to sunroom
there will be pretty french doors here, half timber, half glass.

Bedroom 1 wardrobe, blue with white trimmings

Bedroom 1, yep. its blue

Sunroom, undercoat
 what color is it going to be? 

hallway from sunroom

main bedroom, wardrobe
fine detail, nicely done there Mum

Next up is the living room...Country Cream?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cottage Lining

 my bedroom is white
though not for long :(

master bedroom ceiling

Now is this the look we're going for? 

retro cottage
would love to have a wall with
shelves like this please

adore the bed frame

I love the windows and exposed rafters of this
cozy rustic bedroom

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Take a break for Morning Tea

date scones for morning tea

that pole is unfortunately located

the stuffing for the sunroom ceiling
it will be snug in here!

sealed & ready for painting

another day, another batch of scones

love those shiny new gutters

that door is my next project.
I'll be replacing the glazing putty and giving the doors a
fresh coat of dark green paint

french doors, pantry and space for the fridge

Planks & Knots Part II

new roof is in progress! 

imagine how awesome it would be to have
half the roof as glass panels

the dark little powder room nook
don't worry, I'll make it pretty with a painted mural wall
...for the right price

Shower with a window...

Mudroom ceiling
This is going to look rather grand when finished

that's quite a pile of timber there
planning something epic are we?

such a mess

so I guess we're painting my bedroom now

Friday, October 19, 2012

Planks and knots


Living Room


Main Bedroom ceiling

Door to Ensuite


Mudroom, Bathroom

Laundry, entry

Doorway to kitchen/living room